About Us

The MagnetiCat Team

The MagnetiCat team is a small collective of talented people working together on the web since 2001. With our deep interest in Art - from Literature to Music, from Photography to Cinema - and in-depth, no-nonsense knowledge of multiple programming languages and web development techniques, we have always tried to use the web to communicate our passions, and, since 2004, to help our clients communicate theirs. Thinking outside the box - this is what we do.

Our small team comprises two programmers and an artist - but each member of our team is also completely self-reliant, with knowledge of multiple techniques and technologies.

We are based in Reykjavík, Iceland.

MagnetiCat and the Web

The MagnetiCat Team started work on the web in 1996, under different names and starting with the creation of small websites on niche topics. In 2001 the MagnetiCat team was created, with the first objective of creating and launching a professional website offering reviews about videogames, called Ps2Fantasy.com. Without spending a cent on Internet advertising, and only through quality of content (provided by our staff and by many external contributors), services offered, and by establishing a solid network of PR contacts, the website became one of the most popular for PlayStation 2 fans. In 2004, mostly because of unforeseen events occurring in the lives of key members of our team, the website ceased activity and remains online today mostly for its old, and still precious, community members.

After a period in which we designed and developed an in-house content management system, we started working for third parties, focusing, for the most part, on communities built around vBulletin. We developed more than 300 custom products for the vBulletin framework, always delivering high quality software, and in-depth, careful support to all our clients. A lot of communities flourished also thanks to our work and the unique products we developed for them. But you can see this by yourself, by reading our feedback section, which contains also links to external sites to guarantee you the objectivity of what you are reading.

The difference between the MagnetiCat team and other good teams out there is that every single member of our team built his or her experience on real life and real websites, facing real challenges that every web owner and system administrator will have to face when creating a web presence. For us, there is no difference in developing simple HTML pages or complex PHP applications; in managing Linux servers or creating unique beautiful graphics and sound effects; this is all part of the knowledge that each member of our web development team should have.

When it came to offering management or disaster recovery services, this allowed us to help clients whose websites were in seemingly desperate conditions, restoring their web presence with efficiency and swiftness - even when other teams and Internet service providers had failed.

View our portfolio, with a list of some of our best clients and links to external feedbacks. Check also our web services section and the graphic design section for more information.