Web Services

With more than 10 years of experience on the Internet, the MagnetiCat team is specialized in multiple technologies. Our services range from Linux support and administration to complete web design and development. Additionally, we are experts in custom development and professional support for vBulletin forums.

  • PHP and Python development
  • Professional support and custom development for vBulletin
  • Linux administration

PHP and Python Development

From the beginning of our online activity, we have often preferred developing all our tools in-house. Our websites have been powered by custom Content Management Systems (even before the CMS concept was not so popular in the web), which gave us great proficiency and real experience of programming with programming languages like Perl and PHP. Currently, most of our products are coded in PHP, but we have also experience with Python development.

Sometimes, depending on our client's requirements, we rely on popular frameworks for the development of our products. In particular, we have great experience in working with CodeIgniter, possibly one of the most popular - but also more efficient, in terms of performance and security - PHP frameworks. We have also started working with the YII Framework and we are using it for some of our most advanced projects


vBulletin has always been our preferred forum software. Simply put, the product is not only the most solid and feature-rich forum package for any forum owner, it is also a dream come true for developers coding plugins and products. Since version 3.5, vBulletin has included a plugin and product management system that allows coders to release modification without usually having to touch the core code of the system. A good vB product can be usually installed in a few minutes even by inexperienced users.

In the years, we have coded more than 200 products for our clients; some of them were custom products exclusively developed for a client, while others were products designed to be sold to multiple clients. The best way to have an idea of the amount of work we did - and of the great quality of this work - is to take a look at the feedback and testimonials section of our website; jobs listed there are less than 20% the amount of work we did in the past years.

Linux Administration

If you need help with your Linux server, the MagnetiCat team can help. We can configure your servers, optimize them, solve issues, and offer emergency and disaster recovery services. We are also specialized in preparing Linux servers for hosting of popular video sharing scripts like PHPMotion, ClipShare, or ClipBucket.

Contact us at any time for a quote, and check out our testimonials section.