Graphic Design Services

The MagnetiCat team offers several professional design services, not limited to web publishing.

Web Publishing

We can create unique layouts for your new website. We are also experts in designing styles for vBulletin forums, for popular blogging platforms like Wordpress, and for Drupal. Here are some examples of our past work.

Logo Design

We offer professional logo design for your business or niche website. Here are some logo samples. Some of these graphics are currently being used in our clients' websites, while others might still be available for exclusive purchase.

Logo Design Example 1Logo Design Example 2Logo Design Example 3
Logo Design Example 4Logo Design Example 5Logo Design Example 6
Logo Design Example 8Logo Design Example 8Logo Design Example 9

Book Publishing

With advanced self-publishing services available to every writer and artist, publishing your book, complete with ISBN code and professional printing has become a reality. Our artists are experts at creating professional artworks for your books and help you in the publishing process through services. Here is a list of some of the books we have published through

Digital Processing of Existing Painting © MagnetiCat-Pu The OwlOriginal Artwork © MagnetiCat-Pu The Owl


Using a mixture of photography, digital painting and processing, our resident artist, Pu the Owl, creates beautiful artworks. Check the Owl's profiles below.

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